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Next Event

February Dinner Out.

Tuesday Feb 21st 6:30 PM Carfagna's Neward Ristorante 1440 Gemini Pl Polaris

Spaghetti anyone? Might want to factor in some time to shop at the store next door on the way in or out!

New Members Party

We're baaaaack! Yes, it's the long-lost New Members Party! Did you join us sometime in the past few years? Come to the party! Have you been a member for ages but just never come to anything? Come to the party! Are you an active member who likes coming to events and/or greeting new people? Come to the party! New members, just bring yourself (family and SOs welcome) Other members, bring a tasty snack, treat or beverage to share. Since we are at the Nelli house, there is a high probability of boardgames breaking out! allergy warning: 2 teenagers and 3 cats. Contact James Nelli if you need more information.

2023 Mind Games

Columbus will be hosting Mind Games in April of 2023.

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More details on volenteer needs here soon